1. The Great Indoors Award 2011:
          IN BETWEEN

          In a period of economic instability we face increasingly complex and even contradictory challenges. The Great Indoors wishes to reflect on all these challenges mostly by way of its parallel program. Interiors are part of a visual language. Change is a vital element, giving for instance retail interiors a lifespan of three to four years. The Great Indoors sees an unexpected quality in this dynamic element of interiors and wants to reflect on the importance of temporal solutions in a period of economic stagnancy, growing vacancy and the need for durable solutions. IN BETWEEN aims to investigate the temporal as a productive strategy for vacancy and reuse.

          The Great Indoors Award is an international, biennial, interior design award initiated and organized by: FRAME Magazine (Amsterdam), Marres, Centre for Contemporary Culture (Maastricht), and NAiM/Bureau Europa (Maastricht).

        2. Design Route Maastricht

          On Saturday 5 November The Great Indoors 2011 organized a DESIGN ROUTE in the city center of Maastricht.

          The Route connected the venues Marres, centre for contemporary culture, NAiM/ Bureau Europa and De Timmerfabriek with the 5 temporary interiors designed by students from the EU-Region. Maurice Mentjes, world reknowed interior designer from Holtum hosted a GUIDED TOUR. STEALTH. unlimted gave a LUNCH LECTURE ay 12.00 hrs at NAiM/ Bureau Europa. Both Marres and NAiM/ Bureau Europa had free admission that day, and The Timmerfabriek a special admission fee of 5 EUR.

          It was GREAT!

        3. Education Programme

          Friday 4 November the Great Expectations Awards 2011 were announced. The design for the temporary park took home the Award. Nine students from the Fachhochschule in Dusseldorf won airline tickets to Milano for the Salone de Mobile 2012.
          Follow the students process here!

        4. Nominees

        5. The Award

          The Great Indoors is an international, biennial, interior design award. The Great Indoors Award will honour interior design projects in the following four categories. The winner of each category will receive a monetary prize of EUR 5,000.

          • Show & Sell
            Retail: shops, showrooms, trade-fair stands, exhibitions
          • Relax & Consume
            Leisure: hotels, bars, clubs, restaurants, spas, wellness centres
          • Concentrate & Collaborate
            Work: offices, studios, administration buildings, conference centres
          • Serve & Facilitate
            Public: libraries, hospitals, theatres, schools

          Terms and Conditions

        6. Initiated and organized by:
          1. Funders

          Friday 4 November 2011

          13.15 hrs
          LECTURE by Ronald Rietveld on Vacant NL
          Language: English
          Location: The Timmerfabriek, Boschstraat 7-9
          Admission: free

          Saturday 5 November 2011

          11.00-18.00 hrs
          IN BETWEEN DESIGN ROUTE  (5 interiors designed by students from design schools in the EU Region)
          Locations: see map
          Admission: free

          12.00-13.30 hrs
          LECTURE by STEALTH.unlimited on The Potential of Vacancy?
          Language: English
          Location: NAiM/ Bureau Europa, Avenue Ceramique 226
          Admission: free

          14.00-15.30 hrs
          GUIDED TOUR by Maurice Mentjens around the IN BETWEEN DESIGN ROUTE
          Start: Marres, Capucijnenstraat 98
          Admission: free

          Marres and Bureau Europa had free admission all day and 'Out of Staorage' at the Timmerfabriek a special admission of 5 EUR that day.


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