1. Terms and Conditions

        1. 1. General

          1.1. THE GREAT INDOORS AWARD 2011

          The Great Indoors Award is a biennial, international award for interior design in four categories, all within the realm of the commercial and/or public domain. The Great Indoors Award consists of four awards for the most innovative interior designs for public and commercial spaces (four categories with a monetary prize of EUR 5,000 each). 

          1.2 CATEGORIES

          • Show & Sell (Retail: shops, showrooms, trade-fair stands, exhibitions)
          • Relax & consume (leisure: hotels, bars, clubs, restaurants, spas, wellness centers)
          • Concentrate & Collaborate (Work: offices, studios, administration buildings, conference centers)
          • Serve & Facilitate (public: libraries, hospitals, theatres, schools)

          1.3 PURPOSE

          The purpose of The Great Indoors Award is to raise the profile of nonresidential interior design and of interior designers working as professionals within this field by

          1. Selecting and awarding the best, realized projects biennially.
          2. Signaling developments within the field.
          3. Fostering discourse on the profession of nonresidential interior design.

          1.4. ORGANIZATION

          The initiators and organizers of The Great Indoors Award are Frame Magazine (Amsterdam, NL); NAiM/Bureau Europa (Maastricht, NL) and Marres, House for Contemporary Culture  (Maastricht, NL). Providing financial support are the province of Limburg (NL) and the city of Maastricht (NL)

          1.5. LOCATION

          The Great Indoors Award is an international award. Initiated in Maastricht – a city at the hub of an EU region that includes the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany – the award has a European slant. The award ceremony is to take place in Maastricht, the Netherlands.

        2. 2. Adjudication

          2.1 JURY

          An international jury, to be appointed by the organization (see 1. GENERAL, 1.4), will be composed of no more than eight members. Jury members will be selected on the basis of knowledge, experience and expertise. The jury is to be appointed for the duration of one biennial competition. Members of the Jury have permission to invite designers to participate in the competition. A secretary, representing the organization, will be present at jury meetings to take the minutes. The secretary is not entitled to vote for or against entries in The Great Indoors Award. Excluded as voting members of the jury are all employees of NAiM/Bureau Europa; Marres, Centre for Contemporary Culture; and Frame magazine. Jury meetings are not open to the public, and all matters related to the evaluation of competition entries and to the voting procedure are to be completely confidential.

          The international jury is responsible for reviewing all applications and pre-selecting five nominees in each category and for selecting one prizewinner in each category.

          Names of jury members will be made public before registration opens. If, for any reason, an appointed jury member is unable to fulfill his or her duties as a juror, the organization is entitled to appoint a substitute juror. If no suitable substitute can be found, the jury will have fewer members than the number originally made public. No correspondence regarding the selection of competition entries and the awarding of prizes shall be entered into between jury members and participants.

          The jury shall have available the support of a technical committee, to be appointed by the organizers. The task of the technical committee consists of verifying and selecting projects that meet the requirements stated in the rules and regulations found in this document. The jury shall prepare a jury report stating the reasons for its decisions. All decisions of the jury will be final.


          The jury will judge the interior designs submitted according to the following criteria:

          • Functionality
          • User-friendliness
          • Innovation
          • Use of materials and products
          • Artistic merit
          • Concept/inspiration
        3. 3. Awards


          One award is available in each of the four categories of The Great Indoors Award. Accompanying each of the four awards is a monetary prize. Four monetary prizes of EUR 5,000 will be awarded to the most innovative interior designs for public and commercial spaces (four categories). All nominees will be informed by the end of September 2011. The organization will invite one representative for each nominated firm to attend the award ceremony at the expense of the organization. Nominees will also be announced on the website www.the-great-indoors.com. Should the jury find that none of the competition entries in one or more of The Great Indoors Award categories adequately satisfies the aforementioned criteria (see 2. ADJUDICATION, 2.2), no award or monetary prize will be given in that category or categories. Award winners will be announced during The Great Indoors event, which is to be held in Maastricht (NL) on 3, 4 & 5 November 2011.

          A participating designer(s) or design firm whose submission did not win an award will be informed via e-mail no later than one month following the award ceremony.

        4. 4. Submissions


          Only non-residential interiors or interior installations in one of the four categories mentioned (see 1. GENERAL, 1.2) will be considered for The Great Indoors Award. Only projects realized between September 2009 and August 2011 are eligible for participation.


          Participation in The Great Indoors Award requires the submission of a fully completed online Registration Form, to be filled out by the designer(s) and/or his/her/their client(s). Applicants wishing to submit more than one design can apply in one online account (maximum of 4 designs per login, several logins are possible). Payment closes the application. Making changes in the application is possible until payment. After online payment it is not possible to make any changes to the admitted designs.  Along with the online registration, the entrant had to upload several items to complete the registration. Please note that a video is a requirement for nomination, so when nominated, you are committed to send min 1 video (max 2 minutes). By applying you agree to this terms. When you are nominated and you don’t send a video before the closing date, your nomination gets annulled. All materials (video and images) will be used during the event and by the participating initiators. 

          4.3 SUBMISSION FEE

          Every design registration requires an application fee of EUR100 (incl. VAT). The payment will be settled via Paypal. After payment you will receive a notification and invoice by email. 

          This payment binds the applicant to the Terms and Conditions of The Great Indoors Award.

          4.4. DEADLINE

          The deadline for registration is 9 September 2011. The organization reserves the right to extend the deadline.


          The organization is responsible for the safety of all submitted material.

          4.6. WITHDRAWAL

          An applicant may withdraw his or her competition entry at any time before the jury holds its first meeting. If the entry is withdrawn before the deadline for registration has passed, the submission fee will not be reimbursed.

          4.7. PRIVACY

          All submissions are subject to the Dutch Act. All decisions made by the jury, and all discussion surrounding such decisions, shall be treated with complete confidentiality.

        5. 5. The applicant’s warranty

          5.1. OWNERSHIP OF DESIGN

          The applicant certifies and guarantees the following: That, as of the date of presentation of the submission to this competition, the author is the sole and rightful holder of the property rights of the submission. Should said project have been drafted by more than one person or company, the exclusive and sole authors must be included in the submission and certified. That said author does not violate or infringe on any third-party rights either directly or

          indirectly. Should the applicant be an individual, he or she guarantees that the submission has not been drafted as part of a business activity or with the use of external services.

        6. 6. Intellectual property

          By submitting the registration form, the applicant permits the organizers to publish any or all of the submitted material on The Great Indoors website and/ or in FRAME magazine. And to use the submitted material for press and publicity purposes, both in printed matter and online.


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