1. Education Programme

        1. The Nature of Things

          The education programme forms an important part of The Great Indoors. This educational programme focuses on young designers and architects, and concentrates on talentdevelopment and knowledge production.The Great Indoors also offers students the opportunity to build a network. Seven groups of students from academies and universities in the Euroregion and the rest of the Netherlands will participate in the programme.

          Each student group is coupled with a client, enabling the students to gain experienceof a real work situation. During six weeks (in October and November 2013), the students work on an assignment under the guidance of a professional mentor, with additional workshops and lectures tailored to their mission. The education programme's assignments replicate the categories for the international contest, The Great Indoors Award — they are: Show & Sell, Relax & Consume, Concentrate & Collaborate, and Serve & Facilitate.

          The clients for TGI 2013 include, among others, Stayokay, Seats2meet, Kiki Niesten, and De Ridder. They formulate a question for the students that accommodates TGI 2013's theme, The Nature of Things: a study of the interior's material and immaterial developments in a globalised reality.

          Each edition of The Great Indoors has focused on a contemporary social issue. The 2007 edition, Branded by Space, examined the way in which public space is increasingly subject to the demands of safety and a desire for comfort; to the extent that public space increasingly informs an assumption of the quality of an interior. The 2009 edition, Changing Ideals, examined the aesthetic changes within the field of interior design, and the social context that nurtured these changes; consequently revealing an entirely new view of interior architecture's task. The last edition, In Between, gave consideration to the excessive speed with which the interior undergoes change, and to the fact that, for example, a store's look needs to be revamped every three to four years.

          With 2013's theme, The Nature of Things, The Great Indoors responds to a wider cultural debate about the rise of social, sustainable, and process-oriented designs. This issue was already introduced at The Great Indoors 2011, when the theme of 'temporariness' was chosen. The effects of the economic crisis have led to a call for parsimony in times of scarcity. We are seeing a return to this consciousness in all facets of our society.The unfaltering confidence in the future and growth is no longer self-evident. The return to nature as 'the source' is a clear development within the discipline of (interior) architecture.The growing interest in nature is seen first and foremost through the choice of materials in response to the scarcity of raw materials and the utilising of local products. There is also a continuous search for the linking and organising of waste streams and other processes (think: sustainable energy use, recycling, upcycling). The classic relationship (and transition) between ‘inside’ and ‘outside’ is characterised by a revaluation of the colour ‘green’, but is also evident in vertical green walls. By using this conceptual framework as a starting point in the education programme, participating students are expected to work to a specific method. In addition to aesthetic and functional aspects playing a role in their designs, integrated and sustainable solutions should also be considered during all phases of the design process.

          Students acquire relevant work experience within the education programme, while simultaneously building a (knowledge) network. They are confronted with the possibilities and limitations of a physical location and with the wishes of the client, as they work on a topical task in a meaningful context. The education programme gives young designers the opportunity to show their talents to a wide audience of professionals and interested parties.The assignment results are shown at several locations within walking distance of each other in Maastricht. The results are open to the public during the Design Route, on Saturday 16 November 2013, from 11:00 to 17:00.

        2. The Great Expectations Award

          The international nominees of The Great Indoors Award 2013 voted and appointed a winning student project. The winning group receives The Great Expectations Award, which consists of airline tickets and a hostel during the Salone del Mobile in Milan in 2014!  The winning project of 2013 is the assignment for an exhibition concept for De Ridder, developed by a team of the Design Academy Eindhoven

          1. 01/05

          The winning student project: Exhibition Concept

        1. Participating Schools

          Universiteit Hasselt (BE)
          Interior Architecture programme

          Design Academy Eindhoven (NL)
          Contextual Design, Social Design, and Information Design programmes 

          Fachhochschule Düsseldorf (DE)
          3DKOMM - 3D communication design programme 

          Maastricht Academy of Fine Arts and Design (NL)
          Interior Architecture program

          Royal Academy of Art The Hague (NL)
          INSIDE Interior Architecture programme

          RWTH Aachen (DE)
          Faculty of Architecture, Institute for Housing and Design

        2. Mentors

          Bas van Beek

          Stephanie Brandt

          Agata Jaworska/Jeremy Jansen

          Sophie Krier

          Matylda Krzykowski

          Rianne Makkink

          Dries Verbruggen

        3. Assignments and Venues

          • Workspace (for Seats2Meet.com, NS Railway Station, Stationsplein 27) / students: Fachhochschule Düsseldorf / mentor: Rianne Makkink
          • Exhibition concept (for The Ridder, Oeverwal 3) / students: Design Academy Eindhoven / mentor: Agata Jaworska/Jeremy Jansen
          • Hotel room (for Stayokay, Kleine Gracht 36) / students: RWTH Aachen / mentor: Dries Verbruggen
          • Library (for Centre Céramique, Oeverwal 3) / students: KABK Den Haag / mentor: Sophie Krier
          • Studio (for 4 recently graduated designers: Kim Bekkers, Lisanne Janssen, Yves Lennertz and Tim Wilders, Grote Gracht 12) / students: ABK Maastricht / mentor: Bas van Beek
          • Crisis store (for Kiki Niesten, Boschstraat 45) / students: UHasselt / mentor: Matylda Krzykowski
          • Urban corridor (for Muziekgieterij, Boschstraat 7) / students: KABK Den Haag / mentor: Stephanie Brandt
          1. 01/07

          Meet the teams!

          1. Workspace/Fachhochschule Düsseldorf: Sabrina Calvagna, Louisa Georg, Rebecca Gruenwald, Nico Haehnlein, Mark Metzler, Tania Rebollar Xochicale, Sadrick Schmidt, Luis Torres
          2. Exhibition Room/Design Academy Eindhoven: Alexandre Humbert, Martina Muzi, Jeanette Petrik, Eugenie de la Riviere, Lucile Sciallano
          3. Hotel room/RWTH Aachen: Alper Agtas, Kalin Bozkanov, Niwa Ismav, Kerstin Meerbach, Atanas Nikolov, Zhen Zhang
          4. Library/Royal Academy of Art The Hague: Eweline Borowiecka, Klinphaka Keawcharoen, Poteini Mermiga, Guan Yuting
          5. Studio/Maastricht Academy of Fine Arts and Design: Nicky Aarts, Richard de Boer, Suzan Gelissen, Nicolo de Gramatica, Raimonda Guobyte, Kristina Tumajan
          6. Crisis shop/University of Hasselt: Camilla Barbosa, Mariana Costa, Dries Gerinckx, Tecio Martins, Annelies Putseys, Thalita Roxanne, Jannicke Smolders, Jolien Versmissen
          7. Urban Corridor/ Royal Academy of Art The Hague: Yin Jianjiang, Ni Nan, Liao Qing, Joanne Smith

          Workspace/Fachhochschule Düsseldorf: Sabrina Calvagna, Louisa Georg, Rebecca Gruenwald, Nico Haehnlein, Mark Metzler, Tania Rebollar Xochicale, Sadrick Schmidt, Luis Torres

        4. Follow our student teams!

          URBAN CORRIDOR blog 

          WORK SPACE blog 

          CRISIS STORE blog                 

          STUDIO blog       


          LIBRARY blog

          1. 01/28

          Student teams in action

        1. Location

          The Education programme takes place at the new venue of Bureau Europa, where all teams have a place (tables, chairs, etc.) in a large studio to work on their projects. 

          The new location is:

          Bureau Europa
          Boschstraat 9
          6211 AS Maastricht

        1. Kick-off education programme 8 October

          On 8 October, in the Timmerfabriek in Maastricht, the education programme was kicked off. The students were welcomed by Saskia van Stein (artistic director Bureau Europa) and Valentijn Bijvanck (director Marres, House for Contemporary Culture). They met their mentors and commissioners, and attended lectures by Jan Jongert (SuperUse), Gillian Schrofer, and Michiel Schwarz.

          In the last few weeks, there were lectures by Stephanie Brandt (15 October), Agata Jaworska (22 October), Dries Verbruggen (29 October) and Sophie Krier (5 November). All lectures were presented in the Timmerfabriek, Boschstraat 7-9.

          1. 01/15

          Kick-off education programme 8 October

        2. Programme

          08 October  (10:30 am – 8:30 pm)
          Introduction of the theme. Lectures. Assignments handed out. Meeting mentors. Meeting commissioners.

          15 October  (11 am – 5 pm)
          Visiting location. Work with team and mentor on the idea of the assignment.      

          22 October  (11 am – 5 pm)
          Work with team and mentor to bring idea to a sketch proposal.

          29 October  (11 am – 5 pm)
          Work with team and mentor to bring sketch proposal to a design.

          05 November  (11 am – 5 pm)
          Work with team and mentor to finalize design and start realization.

          12 November  (11 am – 5 pm)
          Work with team on realization.

          15 November  (11 am – 5 pm)
          In the afternoon all nominated designers will get a tour passing all the student assignments. Afterwards all nominated designers of The Great Indoors Award 2013 vote and appoint a winning student project. During the award ceremony in the evening, the winning team will be announced.

          GOING PUBLIC
          16 November  (11 am – 5 pm)
          All the student interiors are open to the public this day between 11am-5pm. The route is advertised and there will be organized guided tours.


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