1. Winners

        1. OHLAB / Oliver Hernaiz architecture lab (ES)

          Relojeria Alemana, Port Adriano 2012

          Show & Sell

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          Five ‘precious boxes’, housing various functions, are the real gems in OHLab’s Mallorcan jewellery store. These stainless steel-clad volumes with golden mirror finishes add a sense of tangible luxury to the space, which the jury cites as a ‘very daring and well-proportioned project’ while complimenting the designers for ‘convincing the client that the architecture of a shop is at least as important as the merchandise’. 

        2. i29 interior architects (NL)

          Social 01, Den Hoorn 2011

          Concentrate & Collaborate

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          A whimsical setting of colour-coded islands enlivens the ordinary interior of an office for the unemployed in Den Hoorn. Spaces separated by colour, instead of by walls, enforce the humane design concept that people should not be placed in boxes. Swaying the jury was i29’s use of ‘banal elements in an interesting way to create complexity’ in a design that ‘challenges people to move through the space to discover it’.

        1. El Equipo Creativo (ES)

          Pakta, Barcelona 2013

          Relax & Consume

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          Traditional Peruvian weaving looms create the tactile, colourful walls of a Barcelona eatery. On the looms are intersecting rows of cord, which give the place its name: in Quechua, pakta means ‘union’, a term that also reflects a blend of cultures. Faced with the ‘impossibly high standards of a three-star chef’, the architects impressed the jury with a solution based on ‘a few strong gestures’.  


          Cineteca Matadero Madrid, Madrid 2012

          Serve & Facilitate

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          Ignoring the cinematic potential offered by converting a slaughterhouse into a movie theatre, CH+QS came up with an interior that is more fantasy than horror. Steel frames, interwoven with irrigation hoses and tube lighting, conjure an experience that seduces the senses. According to the jury, Cineteca Matadero is ‘a commendable technical insertion in an old building, showing the architects’ genuine understanding of what it means to go to the movies’.


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